About Us


TruVibe is a lucky find, and you and I are lucky to have found each other. We are a clothing brand tailored to men’s, women's, and unisex casual and street wear.

In the world of fashion today men and women have endless options to chose from. It seems as if there is an infinite number of colors, patterns, textures, fabrics to choose, as well as places to shop. When walking through the mall you can count on your fingers the number of stores that are specifically tailored to both sexes if there are any. Us minimalists only have a few options and the majority of those options are department stores. But even with big name brands and department stores we see an entire store dedicated to vibrate colors and abstract pieces and only 6 racks kept in the dark corner in the back of the store dedicated to basic-wear.  

With so few options to chose from, every time I went shopping I would think to myself “I’ll be lucky to find anything.” That’s when TruVibe was born. Instead of going from store to store shuffling through the small selection of racks to barely find 3 articles of clothing to piece an outfit together, we have created a brand that is specific to minimalists. TruVibe is a brand that is geared to making evey one look good. We’re talking about everyday casual street wear, because you don’t have to wear a suit to look good. We offer quality clothes at affordable prices. Whether you’re kicking it with the guys or going on a date we have the outfit for you.

At TruVibe we know that our fresh designs, clean look, and trending styles will become a household name.